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We hope you enjoy the new video's of Amanda.  These were unrehearsed and straight from the heart! She is such an amazing woman, she is the REAL deal.  Please check out our  You Tube  Channel (JHB FIREAMRS)  For more up coming videos and please subscribe to our channel and thanks for the support.

God Bless America!!!!


Mike Mullens  giving Amanda some pointers.  As you can see that with great training folks can have one of the best times of their life enjoying Firearms!!!

Amanda is one great woman and as you can see she is having a great time!!!

RK Gun Show In Kansas City June 13th

Our girl Amanda having such a great day.  She got her new S&W Bodyguard, Shot some video's (all unscripted), shot the amazing S&W 500.  We are so PROUD of this incredible women.

These are the first videos that we have every shot with Amanda and what a pleasure it was.  She is such a great lady and truly respects and loves the shooting sports